About Silxo

Silxo is a technology services company that specialises in supporting C- Level Executives, Chairpersons, Investors and Boards with their technology and business decisions, directions, and developments to achieve accelerated growth and your business success.

We excel in supporting senior stakeholders in the private and public sectors, with significant experience within the Public, Private, Banking and Higher Education sectors. We facilitate business transformation and technology innovation to achieve accelerated growth and operational success.

Starting with our Discovery assessment services, Silxo has been successfully providing an end-to-end catalogue of technology, product and commercial realisation services to its Investor, Corporate and Public Sector clients since 2014.

Experience & Pace

Our team are ex-CxO’s from large technology corporates, product companies and various industry sectors. As individuals and as a team, our Senior Partners know what it takes to open new markets, manage $1bn+ budgets, build multi-year products, expand into new locations, transform businesses, and lead people through change. We know how to do this in a language that the business understands, at pace, and with predicable outcomes.

Our Clients

Our clients, like ourselves, have seen many IT related projects and programmes. We have both advised and been advised. Experience can be generalised, but tends to conclude that when IT projects fail, the business feels disconnected and technology becomes expensive, holding back the business’s success.

Let us help you move past these generalisations and move towards effective delivery that is instep with your business’s growth plans.

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Our Make Up

21 partners with over 400 years experience
60 industry & technology specialist associates
110 Nearshore complex system developers
128 global products launched
hq located in london with global capabilities
international experience across spain, finland, germany, brazil, usa, australia, china & japan
experience in managing global budgets ($6.6bn), resources (18,000 heads) and programmes ($3.2bn)

Our Success

  • We are recognised by the Financial Times in the Top 1000 of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020.

  • We are recognised by the London Stock Exchange Group in the Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2019.

  • We are a recognised Crown Commercial Service supplier as listed on: G-Cloud 12, DOS 4, DOS 5 (pending), and more.

  • We are a member of the Armed Forces Covenant.



We deliver strategic support, investment acceleration and business transformation to drive your customer satisfaction, competitiveness and business growth.

Step 1: Silxo Assessment

Our Assessment and baseline approach to understanding for example: the current status of a business, strategy, product, team, cost base, commercial mode or risk.

Step 2: Silxo Transform

Our programmatic approach to delivering change at pace and with planned outcomes such as: enterprise scalability planning, re-platforming for volume & scale, product & service development, digital & data transformation, commercial licensing & go-to-market optimisation, and efficiency management.

Step 3: Silxo Respond

Our ongoing service to provide real- time and reactive services such as: situational support, rapid assessments, interim leadership and governance, business realisation support, competition awareness, conflict management, accelerated growth planning & exit planning.

Step 4: Silxo As a Service

Our ongoing service to provide skilled teams for rapid response situations, long term projects, Software development & recovery programmes. Examples would include security breach, supplier failure, burst development, digital first & market management.


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Steve Walsh

Senior Partner

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