Silxo Transform – The Silxo 4D Model

The traditional organisational hierarchies and service delivery frameworks are no longer able to deliver change at the speed the business and its market demands.

A mindset change is required to enable a company to make speedy decisions and have confidence that they will be competently delivered, on time and to budget in a structured Integrated Business Delivery Framework (IBDF).

The Answer – The Silxo 4D Framework

The 4D Framework concentrates on four key functional areas; Design, Develop, Deploy and Deliver. Each area has its own roles and responsibilities and a management structure that is accountable for ensuring the responsibilities are delivered for each function.

The management structure is split into only two functions, Product and Service, which allows separation of idea generation and creation from deployment and maintenance.

We use our Silxo 4D Framework to align all IT-enabled activities as products across four functional areas:

  • Design: A business justified investment to be developed.
  • Develop: A modular product development capability based on agreed Design roadmaps.
  • Deploy: An implementation capability for product pilots, integrations and go-live.
  • Deliver: A delivery service defined by product and portfolio. Moving to this framework has been transformational for many Silxo Clients.

The Silxo 4D Framework

The Silxo 4D Framework enables all suppliers, internal and external, to be aligned to the correct Design, Develop, Deploy, Deliver elements of the framework. It also enables true costs to be associated by product, portfolio and by each 4D stage.

In an Integrated Business-Driven Framework context Products can be:

  • Owned end-to-end by the business stakeholders.
  • Given individual profit and loss transparency.
  • Evaluated and measured for value and lifespan.
  • Engaged by a cross-company product team in the selected go-to-market areas.
  • Used as a common language in all communications and execution within the company.

The move to a product-focussed business-driven approach enables end of life product planning and investment control. All products pass through three distinct phases, Beginning of Life, Middle of Life and End of Life, and the organisational structure and internal service providers and partners must be aligned to support these different phases.

We’ll work with you to transform your business from a traditional service delivery framework to a highly optimised business delivery framework by using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) methods and structures to organise the end-to-end delivery of products and services on behalf of the business stakeholders.

Benefits of the Silxo 4D Framework

Silxo will help you create a defined organisational structure where the inputs and outputs to each stage are known, and there are clear divisions of responsibility and accountability. Having a shared goal of continuous creation and deployment of products, the following benefits should be achieved:

  • Accelerate business decision making.
  • Enable business ownership of each product and portfolio.
  • Cluster resources, services, P&Ls and clients by product and portfolio.
  • Structure the business to deliver product value and profitability.
  • Enable business transparency, ownership and reporting.
  • Ensure appropriate investments match product profitability plans.
  • Enable a true cost-to-price product portfolio financial model.
  • Accelerate the end-of-life for poor performing products.
  • Identify ongoing opportunities to optimise profit.
  • Implement a continuous growth target operating model.
  • Transition to an automate-optimise-replace operations model.
  • Build core data platforms and services in support of the product portfolio.
  • Ensure predicable costs, associate deliverables and structure.
  • Replace silo methods, unstructured change, projects, capabilities with a company-wide PLM.
  • Implement a continuous engineering and integration approach to speedy change.
  • Reduce time to market from months to days.
  • Ongoing up-to-date organisation documentation.
  • Expose data for future lines of product innovation.

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