What is a Silxo Assessment?

Silxo Assessment - powered by Discovery.

An Assessment is the first step in Silxo’s process towards transitional change. We have the ability to conduct a full business assessment of what works well, not so well, and what needs changing through all aspects of a business’s IT capability.

Our Assessments are modular and designed to deliver concise, objective and fact-based reports, in which all areas are scored, remediations are prioritised clearly using a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) system, and where all recommended actions are fully costed and tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

All Assessments are peer reviewed and tested. Our aim is simplicity, focusing on what matters, and delivering tangible value. We do so at a rapid pace & for the entirety of any engagement.

Our Silxo Assessment modules range from strategy and people & teams, to the ability to work remotely and infrastructure. With over 30 different modules, there are an almost infinite number of possible options, so you can rest assured that, whatever your circumstances, we can tailor our Assessment to suit your needs.

Our Proprietary Platform

Discovery is also our software platform that enables Silxo to engage, capture, and review throughout the assessment process. It enables the engagement process to be modular and cost efficient, to build out with commercial confidence and grow in detail as required. Over time, as we work with you, Discovery also enables us to benchmark the technology portfolio, conduct annual reviews, optimise costs, and maximise efficiency together.

Assessment Scenarios

We tailor the focus of our Discovery based upon the client’s priorities. These can include:

  • Growth: an engagement focusing on growth, including readiness, potential roadblocks, scalability of operating model, product & service strategy etc.
  • Respond: where an organisation needs rapid response to overcome challenges; technological, operational, or financial.
  • Exit planning: Silxo can help an organisation to maximise value, structure, and efficiencies.
  • Expert assurance: we provide an expert, objective and unbiased view on strategy, operations, or process.
  • Due Diligence: we give an expert view on the current condition of an organisation, either to aid strategic planning / decision-making, or for confidence in an acquisition.
  • Integration: we conduct an expert, two-sided review on two organisations looking to merge, forensically assessing their technological compatibility, and the ability of applications, people & teams, and infrastructure to be successfully merged.

The Outcome

The Silxo Discovery dashboard provides an executive-ready and easy-to-understand format against which to view your current condition or compare to any previous assessments completed.

For our remediation actions: we work towards a clear, concise and actionable RAG system, where our recommendations are prioritised and costed, leaving you and your organisation in no doubt as to what actions are required to make the business more effective technologically, operationally and financially.

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