Our Services

The Silxo team are practitioners, we get involved.

Silxo provides an end-to-end business solutions service. This includes:

  • Digital Assessment

  • Strategy review

  • Business case development

  • Implementation of digital roadmap

  • Supporting change management, transformation, and on-going support.

Commercially aware, Silxo are experts in providing the strategic support needed to deliver scalable solutions.

We help you deliver

We offer a range of solutions that are tailor made to each of our clients’ needs. These are just some of the outcomes that we deliver.

    Technical strategies

    Data driven decisions

    Citizen centric design

    Organisational agility

    Leadership development plans

  • Operational Efficiency

    Reduced waste

    Process reengineering

    Upskilled organisation

    Modern thinking to rationalise problems

    Strategic process automation

  • IT Modernisation

    Secure modernised legacy applications

    Technical debt resolution

    Accessible services

    Cost reduction

    Connect your data

    Simplified change


    Last minute interventions

    Technology turnaround

    Project turnaround

    Organisational turnaround

    Improved issue management

    Future avoidance strategies

  • Security Assurance

    Active risk management

    Remediated weaknesses

    Secured, protected information

    A future-proofed workforce

    Adverse event recovery

    AI/Ops full-stack monitoring

What we have helped our clients with:

  • Identifying new opportunities to accelerate growth through change.

  • Stabilising and reinvigorating faltering change programmes.

  • Establishing change leadership and governance structures.

  • Leading product recovery, creation, development, and expansion.

  • Providing risk prevention planning and critical crisis response.

  • Integrating acquired company assets, cultures, and technologies.

  • Rationalising complex operating models, relationships, and products.

  • Dispute resolution with suppliers, partners, and individuals.

  • Incubating products and creating new ventures.

  • Eliminating cost inefficiencies and improving value to business.


Our assessments work using a simple 4-step process.

Requirements Capture

  • We spend time with you and your business, to understand what it is YOU want and need, and what your expectations are for the outcome.

Situational Assessment

  • We assess where your business is currently, the challenges you face, and the way it operates.

Building a case for change

  • We then analyse the findings of our situational assessment and put together an action plan for the changes we recommend.

Supporting Supplier Selection

  • After this, we work with you to decide on the best suppliers to action these changes.

Change Programmes

Our Change Management and Transformation service focuses on the following areas:

  • Business Operating Model

  • Finance & Commercial

  • Technology & Data

  • Integration & Automation

  • People & Culture

  • Services & Products

Crisis Management

We offer our clients crisis prevention services and solutions that have enabled other organisations around the world to protect their critical systems, such as data, from a wide range of major cybersecurity risks.

Our solutions are delivered by a team of experienced professionals who bring intuitive knowledge and a track record of success across a diverse range of technology environments and crisis scenarios.

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