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Silxo offers a full digital management service. This includes digital Assessment, strategy review, business case development, implementation of digital roadmap, supporting change management, transformation and on-going support. Commercially aware, Silxo are experts in providing the strategic and programme support needed to deliver scalable digital solutions.

Silxo Assessment

A Silxo Assessment is the first step in Silxo’s process towards transformational change. We have the ability to conduct a full business assessment of what works well, not so well, and what needs changing through all aspects of a business’s capability.

Our Assessments are modular and designed to deliver concise, objective and fact-based reports, in which all areas are scored, remediations are prioritised clearly using a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) system, and where all recommended actions are fully costed and tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

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After a Discovery assessment has been completed and our client receives the remediations, the second phase of a Silxo transformation project can begin. Using the results from the Discovery assessment, Silxo can present a Statement of Work outlining the process in which the necessary improvements, integrations and developments can be performed. This can be via development of our own software, integration of external software, or development of our client’s own current resources.

It is the responsibility of the board, the CEO and all executives to ensure that shareholder and stakeholder returns are optimised through judicious use of the resources and opportunities available within a company.

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As a service

Silxo has for a number of years, provided key roles and activities as a service to its customers. This enables our customers to retain and use highly skilled and experienced resources on a part-time basis.

Our customers tend to use these services when a full-time role(s) or sub-contracting (team) are not affordable, required full-time or need to be event driven. Examples would be the need for board level Chief Information Security Officer, Programme Manager and Software Development.

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