The 'Fresh IT' approach - What it is and why you should embrace it

15th February, 2022. Published by Georgia Watson

The Fresh IT Approach

The pandemic forced companies to pivot in a way they never had before, encouraging them to adopt new business practices that made them more flexible in the face of constant and unpredictable change.

The Fresh IT approach is one of the ways Silxo helps businesses adapt to optimise their IT strategy and meet rapidly changing consumer expectations. We’ve been using this approach for several years now, and it’s one of the aspects of our business model that helped us weather COVID-19.

Now, more companies are beginning to understand the value of Fresh IT. By using a more flexible and nimble approach, Fresh IT gives businesses the agility they need to shift their priorities in real time and respond effectively to changes in the market.

The changes consumer behaviours have undergone since the start of the pandemic are likely here to stay, so the Fresh IT approach should be a necessary part of every business’s post-pandemic strategy.

Continue reading to learn more about the Fresh IT approach and how companies can use it to stay competitive in an unpredictable business landscape.

What is the Fresh IT approach?

Think fresh produce: Just as customers buy fresh vegetables to meet ever-changing, day-to-day needs, Fresh IT gives companies a flexible way to respond to rapidly changing consumer demands.

Mark Brownlie, CFO at Silxo, describes it as “something which is considerably cheaper, it’s implemented in an awfully quicker time, and it’s all about the value derived from it. It’s all about making the users empowered, by giving them products that really answer the questions they want answered."

Fresh IT departments are characterised by smaller, more flexible IT teams that conduct several short-term projects to better meet customer needs as they change over time. This enables them to complete projects at a faster pace and derive more value for their business, all while maintaining the flexibility to change on the fly.

The Fresh IT approach emerged as technological developments gave rise to an increased use of data. The use of data in business interactions has helped raise consumer expectations, while also giving businesses the tools they need to meet them. It’s quicker and easier to be deployed to customers who want immediate service, maximising their experience while driving your costs down.

How is it different from formal IT?

Fresh IT differs from traditional, formal IT in that it’s easier to implement and better able to deliver results. Formal IT departments are characterised by large, monolithic systems that are slower to react to change and therefore take longer to produce value.

Because of this, the formal IT process can be complicated and cumbersome, tying up resources that could be used elsewhere. A typical IT project might involve several managers and large teams, all working away at a project that could take several years to complete.

The very nature of the way formal IT departments operate also means budgets are strict and inflexible. According to Brownlie, formal IT “[budgets tend] to be tied for the next two years because they have a set of roadmaps that take two years to deliver,” as opposed to taking on projects in smaller chunks that is inherent to the Fresh IT approach.

Why does your business need it?

For Brownlie, many of the shops and businesses in the United Kingdom that closed during the pandemic were forced to do so because they didn’t have a flexible enough IT strategy that prepared them to absorb the changes of the last year. “Fresh IT is all about being able to react to your customers’ needs and the market’s needs,” he said.

This was true even before the pandemic. Data technology and e-commerce have greatly expanded the market, giving customers an abundance of choice that has heightened their expectations and made meeting each customers’ exact preferences a priority for companies.

Adopting a Fresh IT approach is critical for businesses today because it equips them with the tools they need to respond to customers' preferences quickly and effectively while leaving room to adapt when those preferences change.

Fresh IT for the post-COVID world

COVID-19 drastically changed consumer expectations by making customer service a more important part of the buyer experience. Fresh IT is now the optimal IT strategy for businesses in the post-pandemic environment.

Customers have come to demand immediate service from companies. Businesses need to evolve to meet those new expectations, and Fresh IT gives them the capacity to do just that. With the Fresh IT approach, businesses can deploy products and services to customers at a much faster pace, and they can more easily shift their priorities as customer needs change, providing quality service even when consumers change their preferences.

For Brownlie, market trends and consumer behaviours are moving in a direction in which nimble approaches like Fresh IT are going to be essential for long-term growth. “[Business plans are] all very much evolving to customer preferences, and therefore, systems have to be able to deal with that.”

How Fresh IT can help you maximise your data

Brownlie says that Fresh IT is one of the potential solutions for a major problem most companies face today. That is, they’re collecting enormous amounts of data from consumers, and either they don’t realise how much data they’ve gathered, or simply don’t have the infrastructure in place to properly access and use it.

The Fresh IT approach is one of the fundamental changes companies can make to better use the data they have. Because consumer expectations have changed so much, and because data enables companies to understand their customers on a very detailed level, Fresh IT allows them to take on projects that are more specific to customer needs and adapt as preferences change.

All of this information is gathered from data that’s been collected, and Fresh IT gives companies the infrastructure to actually deploy that information and derive value from it.

How Silxo can help

Fresh IT provides businesses with a fast, more flexible alternative to traditional IT, making them more agile and competitive in an unpredictable business environment.

Silxo drives better customer insights by helping your company better organise its data and access it in the most efficient way possible. We achieve this with our full range of digital evaluation and transformation services. Contact one of our representatives today to get started.

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