Silxo partners with leading cybersecurity company Glasswall Solutions

1st March, 2022. Published by Georgia Watson

Silxo are delighted to announce they are partnering with leading cybersecurity company, Glasswall Solutions, to provide a full Crisis Management and Prevention service.

Glasswall is a leading cybersecurity company that keeps businesses moving with instant file protection. Its leading Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology instantly removes potential file-based threats, so organizations can trust every file.

Silxo offer crisis prevention services and solutions that have enabled organisations around the world to protect their critical systems such as data from a wide range of major cybersecurity risks.

Together, Silxo and Glasswall can offer our joint clients a full Crisis Management service to protect their internal systems and technologies.

Combining years of technical insight and product development, they enable cybercrime victims to mitigate the impact of an attack, repair the damage to
their systems and data, and quickly return to business as usual. As well as this, they enable IT and security teams to minimise the chances that a cybersecurity attack will compromise network defences or exploit user errors.

Here’s how:

Silxo have an incident assessment team and individual roles identified from the outset and create focused action plans and communicate with stakeholders swiftly, allowing the process to start as soon as possible. Silxo’s solutions are delivered by a team of experienced professionals who bring intuitive knowledge and a track record of success across a diverse range of technology environments and crisis scenarios.

Silxo's response typically focuses on three core areas:

  • Operational/ Situational Response
  • Management Response
  • Communication Response

Silxo minimise and mitigate the business impact of a cyber breach, by tailoring and adapting their processes to each unique crisis situation.

While traditional detection-based security methods play catch up with new threats, businesses are at risk from popular file formats (such as PDFs, Word
and Excel files) that offer many places for malware to hide. In 2020, for instance, ransomware attacks increased by 66% to 304.6 million.

As part of a cybersecurity crisis response solution, Glasswall’s patented CDR technology instantly cleans and rebuilds files to match their known good industry specification – automatically removing potential threats. In the event of a cybersecurity breach, files can easily and quickly be bulk sanitised, meaning the Glasswalled files are quickly disarmed of potential threats, giving users the freedom to open any document or attachment without
further delay.

For more details, visit the official press release here.

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