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Our clients trust us as their go-to partners for their projects. We have advised and guided our clients through a range of obstacles, such as revenue generation, ROI, technology improvements, business development, strategy improvement, and many others. Our team of experienced industry professionals delivers success to our clients and meet their needs, guiding them through every step.


We deliver solutions that enable our clients to exceed their objectives, whilst ensuring the transfer of knowledge to deliver sustained growth. Investors, family offices, governments and corporations engage Silxo to assist with technology, product, organisation, and commercial transformations.

We work with businesses globally, including the below sectors, and we understand what matters to them most. Through our experience working across these, we know how to tailor our work for each client.

Some of the sectors we work with and their common priorities include:

  • Technology
  • Communication
  • Strategy
Financial Services
  • Strategy (Product, Client, Geography, Logistics, Distribution channels)
  • HR
  • Technology
  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Online payment
Membership Bodies & Associations
  • Technology
  • Data
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Government regulations
  • Value chains
  • Work force
  • Funding
  • Government

UK Public Sector
  • Technology
  • Economic growth
  • Global talent
  • Data
UK Government
  • Citizen centric
  • Education
  • Health

Silxo have assisted clients with:

  • Identifying new opportunities to accelerate growth through change.

  • Stabilising and reinvigorating faltering change programmes.

  • Establishing change leadership and governance structures.

  • Leading product recovery, creation, development, and expansion.

  • Providing risk prevention planning and critical crisis response.

  • Integrating acquired company assets, cultures, and technologies.

  • Rationalising complex operating models, relationships, and products.

  • Dispute resolution with suppliers, partners, and individuals.

  • Incubating products and creating new ventures.

  • Eliminating cost inefficiencies and improving value to business.


  • We have worked with Silxo over the last few years. They have demonstrated their outstanding expertise time and time again, during projects such as providing our organisation with due diligence assessments, exit preparation, internal business improvements and overall strategy. It has saved us time and money, as well as reducing wasted resources. Great company and great team.”

    Anonymous, Anonymous
  • Silxo helped our company to identify weak spots in our business strategy that we didn’t know we had. They carried out an initial assessment and we discussed our current situation. They were supportive and non-invasive throughout the whole process and have made some monumental changes to our business.”

    anonymous, anonymous
  • The due diligence service was incredibly useful and insightful into the business, their technological capabilities, and requirements to scale effectively. Actions and recommendations were thoughtful and aligned to our plan for the company’s growth –they were appropriately prioritised, easily understandable, and each accompanied by estimated costs and timelines. August Equity would certainly use Silxo again on future due diligence assignments.”

    James Bakewell, Director, August Equity
  • Silxo have been working with LDC for a number of investments where we have felt we needed expert support across the IT & Cyber diligence spaces. Their work and insights into new opportunities for us as well as helping us identify and mitigate potential challenges has been second to none. I very much look forward to continuing our relationship moving forward”

    Andy Simpson-Pirie, Investment Director, LDC
  • Silxo conducted a short technology DD within a very tight schedule, delivering within the time agreed. The report and information it contained provided us with the assurance required prior to acquiring our target company. Overall, we were very happy with the engagement as it offered the right balance between technology details and the information we absolutely needed to know.”

    Simon Rowan, Partner, Dunedin LLP
  • Silxo provided excellent value for money. The team made us think outside the box and look into different directions. Following an external audit, the main comment was that we [Compass] were ready and in much better shape than most UK organisations. This positive feedback was due in parts to Silxo's help in giving us the right platform and guidance. Throughout the engagement, Silxo kept us on track and ensured timely completion of the project.”

    Jill Merrall, Group Head of Support Services
  • Silxo delivered on time and on target. I was really impressed by the level of breakdown that the report goes into, for which I am very grateful. Including all the client audits and other ISO certification we go through; I’ve never seen such a wide breadth of review detailed in an assessment report before -including our software development practices and product lifecycle management. Working with Silxo has been fascinating.”

    John Salt, CIO, Keoghs
  • Silxo’s assessment was fantastic value – it would have been more than worth it at twice the price! The assessment process was easy and the consultants made it genuinely enjoyable. The report itself was brilliant in identifying risks, showing us where we might improve and how, and gave me real political capital when asking internally for backing and investment. I’d absolutely use Silxo again, and highly recommend them to anyone else.”

    CIO, Top 50 Law Firm
  • Silxo were fantastic in helping to lead us through a migration to the public cloud, adding much needed flexibility to the business. In the years since, we've been able to grow significantly, in a way that we would not otherwise have been able. During the recent pandemic, they made the process of switching to remote working and scaling the business to cope with increased demand much simpler than we previously could have hoped.”

    Alastair Ogden, Group Head IT Services, Compass



Headquartered in London with global offices, Validis provide transformational solutions to the Audit, Accountant and Lending markets.

Silxo was engaged to help the company address the growing pains it was facing as a result of a successful sales and marketing campaign. Silxo rapidly deployed a full team to implement a product lifecycle process and to assist Validis product resources through the scale-up of the application. The development, QA and testing functions were carried out using Silxo’s offshore capability.

In addition, Silxo provided a number of interim positions including placement of a COO, an overall programme manager and Head of Engineering. In addition, Silxo established the product management and service readiness functions to ensure a seamless migration to the new platform.


An increased frequency in major incidents across critical IT systems was having an impact across key core services at Goldsmiths University of London. This included back office systems, reporting and data-mining activities and, most importantly, the services provided as part of the experience of the student cohort.

Silxo was engaged to carry out a series of phases to transform the IT services across the whole university. This started with a highly detailed review and assessment of the infrastructure, application and communications platforms.

From here, the strategic direction of IT was agreed and, as a result, Silxo had a multi-faceted team onsite for over a year designing the enterprise architecture and managing 3rd party hardware and software vendors in the implementation of the new systems.

Some of the key outcomes from Silxo’s engagement with Goldsmith’s include major incidents reducing from one a week to one a quarter, a plethora of disparate data stores were raised up into a central data warehouse and key data was stored in a Master. As well as this, staff and student login time were reduced from minutes to seconds, service desk processes were overhauled to provide a better client experience, and the IT department and its improved effectiveness helped rebuild credibility across the University department heads.


Based in London with development resources in Madrid, Geniac provides accounting, tax, legal and HR services to small/medium businesses. Following the securing of investment funds and the departure of the founding CEO and CTO, it was deemed necessary to accelerate product development and grow the existing service catalogue.

Silxo was initially engaged to carry out a review of product and to carry out team assessments on the product management and development teams. This resulted in a number of findings relating to an inherent disconnect between the product priorities and the needs of the client base.

As a result of the recommendations, the Silxo engagement was extended with Silxo providing an Interim CTO, based in Madrid, to lead the product and development activities. A restructure of the lead to immediate cost savings and a removal of duplicated efforts, and a prioritisation exercise was executed which resulted in a clear, focused set of product requirements and therefore an agreed product road map. The engagement led to the implementation of a fully agile process across product and development which allowed for business requirements to be properly assessed and led to a greatly improved delivery time. As well as this, fortnightly drops of system improvements were introduced and aligned to development sprints that were coupled with regular demos to the business that allowed for feedback and governance around acceptance into live operations.


Based in London with teams also located in Chicago, the IT department of this financial organisation operates a set of distributed and matrix-managed IT services and resources.

These services, such as general infrastructure, are coordinated centrally, delivered locally and charged back to internal customers. A recurring set of severe IT service outages had had major impact on critical business applications and had undermined confidence in the planning around a scheduled datacentre consolidation project.

Silxo were engaged to perform an assessment of the global infrastructure team from the top down. In addition, a review was made of global standards and operational processes. As a result of the findings, Silxo placed a team onsite at the client and implemented an infrastructure services improvement plan which covered the UK and US IT organisations.

Silxo initiated twelve discrete work-streams and managed the internal resources to deliver over 60 projects that arose as part of the work-stream focus. A specific service catalogue was implemented allowing internal clients to clearly understand the services provided by the IT function which greatly transparency and improved confidence levels in the business.

Silxo’s engagement with Gallagher lead to the immediate implementation of 60 projects to improve service to the internal teams which in turn improved operations and their responsiveness to external clients. Silxo also took immediate stewardship of the customer’s critical IP processes and stabilised their performance, and service desk calls and active tickets were reduced by an overall 60% with some areas seeing improvements of 80%.

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