We are Silxo

We keep things simple. We capture your business needs,
baseline your situation, analyse and make
recommendations, and lead change projects to help you
reach your goals.

What do we do?

We are an end-to-end business solutions provider, helping our clients to solve the problems that are holding them back. We baseline your situation, provide a detailed road map, and work on implementing changes without disrupting business as usual.

Our goal is to help our clients improve the success of their projects and ensure they reach their goals. We work across multiple industries within the private and public sectors.

We can help if you are:

  • Needing Due Diligence or pre/post exit assessments
  • Finding your existing technology is outdated or not fit for purpose
  • Using systems that slow you down or need enhanced automation
  • About to start, or in the middle of a large project that needs guidance

We are hands-on, and work with you from start to finish, assessing your current technologies, strategies and processes, and recommending improvements based on our expert team’s knowledge and experience. We devise a detailed road map that we execute in a time frame that is agreed with you. We can make changes such as implementing a new CRM system, developing new product software, or rewriting existing code. We deliver complete solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs and manage a journey of change with you.

What Can We Deliver?


    Technical strategies

    Data driven decisions

    Citizen centric design

    Organisational agility

    Leadership development plans

  • Operational Efficiency

    Reduced waste

    Process reengineering

    Upskilled organisation

    Modern thinking to rationalise problems

    Strategic process automation

  • IT Modernisation

    Secure modernised legacy applications

    Technical debt resolution

    Accessible services

    Cost reduction

    Connect your data

    Simplified change


    Last minute interventions

    Technology turnaround

    Project turnaround

    Organisational turnaround

    Improved issue management

    Future avoidance strategies

  • Security Assurance

    Active risk management

    Remediated weaknesses

    Secured, protected information

    A future-proofed workforce

    Adverse event recovery

    AI/Ops full-stack monitoring

  • We have worked with Silxo over the last few years. They have demonstrated their outstanding expertise time and time again, during projects such as providing our organisation with due diligence assessments, exit preparation, internal business improvements and overall strategy. It has saved us time and money, as well as reducing wasted resources. Great company and great team.”

    Anonymous, Anonymous
  • Silxo helped our company to identify weak spots in our business strategy that we didn’t know we had. They carried out an initial assessment and we discussed our current situation. They were supportive and non-invasive throughout the whole process and have made some monumental changes to our business.”

    anonymous, anonymous
  • The due diligence service was incredibly useful and insightful into the business, their technological capabilities, and requirements to scale effectively. Actions and recommendations were thoughtful and aligned to our plan for the company’s growth –they were appropriately prioritised, easily understandable, and each accompanied by estimated costs and timelines. August Equity would certainly use Silxo again on future due diligence assignments.”

    James Bakewell, Director, August Equity
  • Silxo have been working with LDC for a number of investments where we have felt we needed expert support across the IT & Cyber diligence spaces. Their work and insights into new opportunities for us as well as helping us identify and mitigate potential challenges has been second to none. I very much look forward to continuing our relationship moving forward”

    Andy Simpson-Pirie, Investment Director, LDC
  • Silxo conducted a short technology DD within a very tight schedule, delivering within the time agreed. The report and information it contained provided us with the assurance required prior to acquiring our target company. Overall, we were very happy with the engagement as it offered the right balance between technology details and the information we absolutely needed to know.”

    Simon Rowan, Partner, Dunedin LLP
  • Silxo provided excellent value for money. The team made us think outside the box and look into different directions. Following an external audit, the main comment was that we [Compass] were ready and in much better shape than most UK organisations. This positive feedback was due in parts to Silxo's help in giving us the right platform and guidance. Throughout the engagement, Silxo kept us on track and ensured timely completion of the project.”

    Jill Merrall, Group Head of Support Services
  • Silxo delivered on time and on target. I was really impressed by the level of breakdown that the report goes into, for which I am very grateful. Including all the client audits and other ISO certification we go through; I’ve never seen such a wide breadth of review detailed in an assessment report before -including our software development practices and product lifecycle management. Working with Silxo has been fascinating.”

    John Salt, CIO, Keoghs
  • Silxo’s assessment was fantastic value – it would have been more than worth it at twice the price! The assessment process was easy and the consultants made it genuinely enjoyable. The report itself was brilliant in identifying risks, showing us where we might improve and how, and gave me real political capital when asking internally for backing and investment. I’d absolutely use Silxo again, and highly recommend them to anyone else.”

    CIO, Top 50 Law Firm
  • Silxo were fantastic in helping to lead us through a migration to the public cloud, adding much needed flexibility to the business. In the years since, we've been able to grow significantly, in a way that we would not otherwise have been able. During the recent pandemic, they made the process of switching to remote working and scaling the business to cope with increased demand much simpler than we previously could have hoped.”

    Alastair Ogden, Group Head IT Services, Compass


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